Wednesday Wisdom “From the Archives”–Do Your Best

Originally published May 4, 2016

It’s almost past time for Wednesday Wisdom, and as I type this my energy has waned.  The past several days my sustenance has been Pedialyte and saltine crackers and will power (or as Henry perhaps more correctly identified, “stubbornness”). Funny thing is, food poisoning or stomach viruses don’t care that it couldn’t be a busier time to make an appearance. In fact, I think they rather prefer those times.  But the show goes on, and we do our best to keep pace.  I think we can all relate.

One of my favorite quotes of all time, next to Bible verses I suppose, is from the literary classic, “Black Beauty”. In the book by Anna Sewell, a young Black Beauty is advised by his mother, “Do your best, and leave the rest. It will all come right, some day or night.”  The author used the horse story of Black Beauty as a metaphor for people, and as encouragement to possess positive attitudes despite the adversity in our lives.

That line has really stuck with me over the years, especially when I am tempted to worry, fret, or feel like there is too much. Your best is all you can do, and that is enough.

Thanks for doing your best, Team TAJ.