Wednesday Wisdom–Living Intentionally

“When I really philosophize about it, there’s only one thing you don’t have enough of, and that’s ‘time’.  When you come to that realization, I think it is very important that you spend your time wisely.  I think most of us have no regrets about things we did, but I think we can have more regrets about things we did not do.”–Viking Cruises founder and chairman Torstein Hagen

As the year starts to draw down and the holidays loom, it’s easy to ask, “Where did the time go?”  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?  But “Where did the time go?” really is a good question to ask ourselves, not just at the end of the year but at the end of every day.  Time is a gift, and in order to manage our coming days effectively, we should continually review the one we’ve just lived.

Time is irrevocable—we don’t get it back.  So what steps are we taking to make sure we use it wisely?  Here are some considerations:

  • Itemize your activities and time consumption:  At the end of each day, ask yourself:  What tasks or activities did I choose?  How much time did I spend on each task or activity?  What were the results?  By answering these questions, you can assess whether you are running your day or your day is running you.  Consider what drives your decisions for how you spend time—are you merely responding to circumstances and jumping from one thing to another?  Or are you living according to what is important?
  • Write down your goals:  Each evening, write down your goals for the next day.  When you wake, you will have a list of what is important that guides what to focus your energy and time on.  Our CEO Henry Patel often asks of himself and others, “What are your goals for the day? What outcome(s) do you desire?  What do you need to do today to reach those goals?”
  • Be alert to hindrances:  Make sure that your values drive your priorities.  Keep aware of procrastination and perfectionism—they both eat up time.  Work to maintain focus; lack of concentration keeps you from getting the most value from your time.

How might these time tips help you live intentionally?  Do you think they would take up too much time, or do you think they are well worth the time?  What’s something you currently do to nurture your precious time?