Wednesday Wisdom–Taking a Look Back

In last week’s Wednesday Wisdom post, we referenced a “mountain-themed” Wednesday Wisdom that had not yet been shared on our blog.  So this week, the concept gains its official post.

In business, we focus a lot on the future.  We look ahead to opportunities, goals, strategic moves and plans, things we need to do.  It’s like climbing a mountain, hiking ever upward toward the peak.  Switchback after switchback, passing through trees.  Your focus is on each step and just how far you have yet to go.  It’s hard to know your progress.  Then, you get to a clearing to stop and catch your air.  You turn to look back from whence you came, and your breath is almost taken away again when you realize just how far you’ve traveled.   In business as in life we need to remember to look back at just how far we have come.  It can be really inspiring.

As we start in to the final stretch of the year, it’s an opportune time to take that look back at our progress.  We’ve pushed, pulled, stretched, lead, trimmed, hammered, molded, coaxed, encouraged, and guided our companies into places they have never been.  We have each grown on individual bases, and we have grown as a whole.  There were accomplishments that happened that weren’t possible a year before, months before, or even a week before.  Our teams have climbed that far.

Think back to this time last year.  Where were you?  Where were our companies?  What did that look like?  Looking back, what do you consider some of our companies’ milestones from this year?  What is a success that you saw our companies experience?  How far did you come personally?  Let us know your perspective.  We’d love to hear your journey!